Urinary Tract Infection

 In Herbs and Usage

Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) is commonly seen from females and more common in female seniors. UTI occurs due to bacterial infection, and it causes burning pain while urinating and frequent urge to urinate. It occurs to females more often as a urethra, a tube connecting between outside and bladder, is short and located near to the anus. Shorter the urethra easier it is to get an infection and it is possible to have the recurrence as there are tons of bacteria on the skin. The chance of catching UTI depends on the immune system, which is why seniors are more likely to get UTI. The only way to get rid of it is to go see a doctor and get a course of antibiotic.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, there are herbs that can help to improve UTI. It is thought similar to western medicine that UTI is an infection. However, in TCM, it is called Damp heat. There are some herbs that help with clearing damp heat. Those are HuaShi, MuTong, ZeXie, BaiHuaSheSheCao, KuShen, and HuangBai. Longtime consumption in any form is not recommended for those aforementioned herbs because it can damage the body. If you are looking for pills then BaZhengSan can be taken to help with the UTI.

UTI is not a life-threatening condition but should be treated as early as it can be to prevent further progression into kidneys. If left untreated UTI can become Kidney infection which is much harder to treat. Always consult with your family physicians and local TCM practitioners to see the best course of action for your current condition.

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