A division of River Herbs, we provide sulfur-free organic and lab-tested Chinese herbs in the Greater Toronto Area, Ontario and nation wide.  Most herbs (raw and granule) on the market are preserved by sulfur fumigation, which significantly reduce its therapeuctic profile.

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safety and efficacy of Chinese herbs

Raw Chinese herbs containing sulfur preservatives isn’t just a source of potential adverse reactions, more importantly it significantly reduces the therapeutic potency.  Presence of heavy metals found in Chinese herbs, which bio-accumulates in our body can cause irreversible health effects.  Pesticides residues are extremely common in Chinese medicine. These three impurities directly lead the public to question the safety of Chinese herbs.

As practitioners ourselves, we are very concerned about the safety and efficacy of Chinese medicine. We are optimistic that through education and advocacy the safety and efficacy of lab-tested and organic Chinese herbs, will restore the credibility and integrity of Chinese medicine among practitioners and patients.  A recent study found 16 out of 17 randomly sampled raw BaiShao (Peony Radix) contains the inactivated sulfur-altered version of the therapeutic ingredient paeoniflorin. When 7 different compound formula containing Bai Shao from 7 different manufacturers were tested, all 7 contained the inactivated sulfured version of paeoniflorion.

Safety and Efficacy of Chinese herbs